Sunday, April 02, 2006

Practice LSAT #3

I scored 165.

I've completed one-third of the Kaplan class. They tell you not to expect real improvement until you move from Mastery into Endurance and Pacing. They tell you the boost comes later in the class, and the average student improves his score by 7 points.

Still. I've had enough experience, both as a college student and as an American, to know that the "average student" probably doesn't invest much time outside class each week. There are certain requirements for Kaplan's Higher Score Guarantee — call them a bare minimum — and then there's an absolute mountain of work above and beyond, and I've been completing every lick of it. I was hoping for 168; and Kaplan's prescriptions notwithstanding, I'm disappointed I didn't nail it.

My "realistic" goal for June was 170. Obviously, there's perennial hope for 180, but I figured 170 was reasonable and attainable. I still do. But I was hoping to progress faster; and since I haven't, I'm left with only two options: Adjust my expectations, or push twice as hard.

Guess which I've chosen.


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