Friday, March 31, 2006


We should go to war with Mexico.

No, I'm not kidding. But you'll notice I didn't say we should declare war on Mexico, and that's because I think a declaration would be moot. Consider a few facts.

A recent poll found that 78% of Americans see Mexicans as hard-working. Only 18% thought Mexicans were racist. But when Mexicans were polled, 74% said Americans were lazy, 84% said Americans were dishonest, 83% said Americans were intolerant — and clearly lacking any sense of irony, a whopping 73% further said that Americans were racist.

If you've seen footage of last week's rallies across the country, you know these people aren't interested in becoming Americans. They fly the Mexican flag and brandish signs reading, "This is stolen land," and "If you think I'm illegal, learn the true history because I'm in my homeland." Among Mexicans, 60% believe the American Southwest rightfully belongs to Mexico. Make no mistake: These people are clearly disputing the Treaty of 1848 and the end of the Mexican-American War.

And they are encouraged by Mexican authorities. The Mexican government publishes an illustrated book titled Guía del Migrante Mexicano explaining how to safely cross into the US undetected and how to avoid discovery while in our country. Mexican authorities distribute maps that show where to find water, sanctuary, and medical supplies. The Mexican president has spoken in favor of these "migrants," and he has assigned a police group called Grupo Beta to protect immigrants during border crossings. In the past year, gunfire has erupted several times between these Mexican police and US Border Patrol.

That sounds like an invasion to me. It sounds like a declaration of war. And if you disagree, replace Mexico with North Korea and pose the question again. Their leaders are helping them sneak into our country illegally, and their soldiers are firing on our police. Once here, they fly their nation's flag and claim our land as their own. If these actions were being taken by North Korea, would we hesitate to carpet-bomb Pyongyang?

By any reasonable standard, Mexico has engaged war on the United States. We can argue whether we were justified invading Iraq, but certainly we're justified repelling foreign invaders. The only thing that keeps this issue from exploding is politicians' fear of being labeled racist. Let's remember that the only people talking about race in this discussion are the Mexicans — those same Mexicans who overwhelmingly say that Americans are lazy, dishonest, and intolerant.

No country on the planet has a policy of allowing anyone to enter without documentation. No country provides illegal immigrants with welfare, health care, and privileged access to public education. These are the policies Mexicans expect the US to adopt, policies which are held by absolutely no other country on the planet including — wait for it — Mexico.

The Mexicans call it "Aztlán," the quest to reconquer the American Southwest. That's right: They even have a name for it. It's no secret. They believe our land is theirs, and they are determined to take it by force or through sheer numbers. And this campaign is actively supported by the Mexican government. By any reasonable standard, this is a declaration of war between nations.

We should attack.


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