Saturday, October 29, 2005

A few years ago, a friend told me she'd learned a memory trick: Repeat something to yourself for eight seconds and you'll remember it forever. She proved her point by telling me her AOL password, which I remember to this day.

So when Kerrie told me that any behavior practiced for 21 days becomes a habit, I believed her; and that became the impetus behind this journal. I wanted to write more often, and I decided to publish daily. I hadn't practiced a regular writing regimen since my stint with Phil Wilson. I figured it would be good for me.

I've missed three days in 21. For practical purposes, I've accomplished my goal. But I'm also studying for the LSAT and trying to draft a script, and spending an hour here each day has taken its toll. Besides which, I don't fancy the thought of running the well dry, so to speak. So it's time to lighten up.

I can't say how frequently I'll update. I'll aim to write weekly, hopefully more -- but no promises. My ambitions lie offline, and this can't be my priority. That said, I doubt you'll see a significant runoff. I'm a sucker for a pulpit.


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