Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Blue State

For your consideration, I submit the first two paragraphs of yesterday's front page Boston Globe article about the man who should have already locked down the Democratic nomination for governor.
Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly said yesterday it is not his responsibility to crack down on Massachusetts employers that hire undocumented immigrants, and he said he will continue his policy of taking no action against the companies.

In 2001, Reilly established a policy, saying his office would aggressively fight for the rights and wages of immigrant workers, legal or not, and promise not to report them to federal authorities.
Reilly's opponents are two Democrats who have never been elected to public office and a Republican lieutenant governor that most voters couldn't pick out of a lineup. By contrast, Reilly has been one of the most high-profile politicians in Massachusetts for the past four years. He should have been a landslide favorite — and instead, he's fighting an uphill battle after naming a running mate who was immediately identified as a tax cheat and obstructing an investigation into the deaths of two teenagers whose father contributed to Reilly's campaign.

This kind of incompetence is painful to watch.


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