Sunday, April 30, 2006


I nailed a 169 on my fourth LSAT practice test, yesterday. In the interest of full disclosure, I had given myself the previous night off, since a friend was playing a show and I hadn't been out in several weeks. I probably should have gone to bed earlier and without popping a Benadryl — but hey, I scored 169, one point below my ultimate goal, and I've still got six weeks to shed.

I felt like I fell apart on the Logic Games; but I only missed 5 questions out of 22, so apparently I did better than I'd thought. Overall, I missed 13 questions out of 100, leaving plenty of room for improvement. On the other hand, at least I've made significant progress and the countless hours spent with my hand cramped around a pencil don't quite feel wasted.

You may have noticed the StatCounter icon inside the right column. Occasionally, I glance through the referrer logs to see how people end up reading this page, and I've noticed more than a few brought here by Googling for the same phrase: "How to beat the LSAT." I'll probably write at least one column after finishing the Kaplan course, reviewing the experience for others who are considering whether to invest the exorbitant amount of money required; but in the meantime, for you Google stragglers, let me say this: There are tips, and tricks, and techniques. But it's damn hard work.


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