Saturday, March 11, 2006

Directory Assistance

If I can keep my LSAT score above water, the only remaining hurdle to law school admission will be my letters of recommendation. I'm sure I'll have no trouble getting them, but I hate asking favors. The term "social anxiety" is grossly overused, but if there's anything that makes me feel unfomfortable it's feeling beholden to someone else.

After careful consideration — and being lectured by two people wiser than myself — I've decided that's a childish hang-up that I need to outgrow. I've turned to Chandler to set me sober.
"Randy and I and another fellow were in a jam once. It made sort of a bond between us."

"Then why didn't you ask him for help when you needed it?"

"Because he couldn't refuse."

"But you'll take favors from a stranger."

"The stranger can keep going and pretend not to hear."


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