Friday, December 30, 2005

I've taken a hiatus this week, writing less often than usual. If you noticed, you may have chalked it up to the holiday break; and while that's true, I'm also engaged in a bit of HTML renovation. I've been plotting some changes to the format of this page for awhile, and the new year gives me a good opportunity to roll them out.

I chose this layout because reading off a computer screen hurts my eyes, and I thought this color scheme might help. Just a few days into the project, however, WBZ radio aired a segment where a professional web designer explained that visitors were only half as likely to read inverse text; standard black-on-white was invariably more comfortable and appealing. I tend to favor expert advice, so I resigned to change my format once I had established enough content.

The other major change is that I'm going back to using titles. I've missed them. One of my first milestones as a writer, before high school, was the sudden ability to conceive titles. It always felt pretentious; it was hard enough coming up with something to say, now I had to call it something? I can't explain how or why; but one day, suddenly, I could do it. It was easy. I've never stumbled since; in fact, today, I use titles as reliable tinder to burn through writer's block.

I have a few other alterations in mind. I've been eyeing a change for awhile, but I wanted to focus on substance before style; and now that I've established a body of work through consistency, I'll tinker a bit with the presentation. It's not a primary concern, because this is ultimately little more than scratch paper for practice work; but obviously, I wouldn't put it online if I didn't intend it to be read.


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